What's it All About

VoterIntel turns strategic thinking into actionable initiatives to drive voter commitment and Election Day turnout.

With VoterIntel's cutting edge technology, we can help position you for victory. Our services are built from the ground up and specifically designed for candidates to leverage voter information to develop and implement winning election strategies. VoterIntel offers state of the art geospatial analysis, voter communication management, and enhanced GOTV initiatives. Using VoterIntel's services in the preparation and execution of strategies will optimize your time and reduce campaign cost. You can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaign with mobile collection of voter information, compilation of data for historical and tactical mapping, name recognition management via yard sign penetration, QR code generation, communication via SMS, phone, and email, and data consultation. Contact us today to schedule a time to demonstrate what VoterIntel can do for you.

Mapping Your Victory


    Target the households you need to win your race


    Geospatial analysis allows for clarity by visualizing datasets from large to small and complex to simple

Communicating your message for victory....

CampaignAlert engine delivers your personalized message to microtargeted voters